Thursday, July 13, 2006


I haven't really been posting at all lately... I just haven't gotten into the "blogger mood", I guess. I just don't know what exactly I should write. But I've decided to be a better blog owner from now on ;)

So, my life lately. That's what I'll write about.

So, my life lately -- has been very busy. My family and I are moving! That's 11 people (because three of my siblings have already moved away), a family business, lots of animals, and a whole bunch of furniture!! It's pretty exciting, but then, of course, I'm going to miss my friends! But the town where we are going to move to is really very nice. The downtown is very cute! So I'm pretty happy about that!

And my birthday is in a few days! The 18th! Don't know exactly what I'm gonna do though. Tomorrow my mum, sister and I are going to go shopping for new things for my new room! So that should be nice! Actually, I painted my new room - mine and Gabby's new room, that is - a few days ago! It's this sort of dusty rose color...I think it looks pretty cute. I also painted Bethany's and Emma's (my little sisters) room! It looks adorable! One wall is pink, one blue, one purple, and one yellow! Adorable!

So anywho...that's my life lately.