Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If Somebody There Chanced To Be

If somebody there chanced to be
Who loved me in a manner true,
My heart would point him out to me,
And I would point him out to you.
But here it says of those who point —
Their manners must be out of joint —
You may not point —
You must not point —
It's manners out of joint, to point!

Ah! Had I the love of such as he,
Some quiet spot he'd take me to,
Then he could whisper it to me,
And I could whisper it to you.
But whispering, I've somewhere met,
Is contrary to etiquette:
Where can it be
Now let me see
Yes, yes!
It's contrary to etiquette!

By W. S. Gilbert

A *tough* riddle...

I am holding something right now.
It is more precious than any gold,
more fantastic than any silver,
more beautiful than any diamonds,
more unbelievably sweet than any sugar,
and more cute than any rabbit,

That Ever Existed.

Stercoricolous, Euphonious, Saccharine, Anonalous???

Last night I found A Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms. Now, you may think this is a little strange, abnormal, queer, odd, eccentric, anomalous, and quaint, but I rather enjoy reading things like that. So I picked it up right away and started reading it. I would think of words and look them up quickily, swiftly, promptly, speedily, rapidly, and reptatorially...oh wait! that is an antonym! Anway, then I'd read all their synonyms and antonyms. But I ran into quite a few hard, arduous, difficult, tiolsome, obdurat, austere, pitilous, and even cruel words. Some were very long, lengthy, endless, elongated, and outstretched. Others were practically impossible, impervious, inconseivable, and unreadable. Phew!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Starting Back to School

Today we start school again! I'm planing on being very busy, because I have to finish up everything for this school year. I'm totally going to be schooling through summer too! I can't believe it! I'm going to be in tenth grade next school year! Three years till college! It's scary and super exciting at the same time.

Of course, three years it a pretty long time. But time goes so quickly! I've been seriously lacking in one all important thing lately. Praying. Praying that I'll be led in the right direction, and that I'll make the right choices, and things like that. Three years for playing about that isn't actually that much time! And saving up to pay for college! So far I only have two hundred dollars! Three years for saving up isn't not long either!

I am hoping that the year I graduate from highschool, I'll be able to join NET Ministries for a year. I really want to. It seems like the perfect thing for me to do! But for now I'll just have to try to get through highschool in one piece! =)

So my New Year Resolutions (though they are a bit late) are to pray more, save more, and study more!