Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Mcglots: Continued

Written by Anna

It was a fine, breezy day and the sun was shining right on Diana Anna Mcglots’ face. She yawned, stretched, and yawned again. She glanced at her alarm clock; it was only 6:43 am. If she hurried, she could make it in time. She stumbled out of bed and fell into one of her bigger stuffed bears. She picked herself up and dusted herself off, then she dashed over to her dresser and quickly got dressed. Today, instead of her usual green shirt and light blue long skirt, she wore a black shirt with a shimmering star on the front of it and dark blue jeans. She put her hair in a ponytail instead of leaving it down as was normal for her and took a fleeting look at her clock, now it was 6:51, she still had time.

As she flew down the stairs she bumped into her father and they both fell to the bottom.

“Ouch! Diana Anna, you need to be careful!!! Oh! Look, my pants are dirty now!” Mr. Mcglots cried, pointing out a small speck on his spotless dress pants.

“Dad, you’re just washing cars! Why do you have to be immaculate just to wash cars? When ever you get home you look like a chimneysweep you’re so filthy and black! You’ve already ruined like a hundred suits this spring!” Diana Anna said, massaging her knee.

Mr. Mcglots stood up and straightened his tie. “I don’t just wash cars, I wash spaceships! And it’s a very important job. And I have not ruined like a hundred suits! You’re mother’s been counting… it’s only been fifty-nine!” and he stomped up the stairs to change his pants.

Diana Anna hastened up the stairs, following her father.

“Dad,” she called, opening his door. He had obviously been coming to answer her call for they nearly collided for the second time.

“Ahhh! Diana Anna…”

“Sorry dad! Look, I was wondering…”

“No!” Mr. Mcglots interrupted.

“W-what??!?” Diana Anna stammered.

“If what you’re about to ask has anything to do with me, my ship, my job, Space, flying, or coming flying with me in my ship to my job in Space, then I say no.”

“But, but, b-but, how did you kn-know I was, was going t-to ask that!??!?” stuttered Diana Anna, a look of confusion on her face.

“No, and that’s final young lady. Besides, I didn’t think you’d find coming to work with me interesting if I just wash cars,” Mr. Mcglots raised one eyebrows and seeing the look on Diana Anna’s face knew she didn’t have anything to say, yet.

“Well, better get to washing cars…” he said and then, looking at his wristwatch cried out.

“My word, is it really 7:05? I’m late!!!” and he ran down the stairs.

“Boohoo.” sighed Diana Anna and she sat down on the floor.

Will be continued
... later

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Mcglots: A Strange Story

Written By Anna

Hello, my name is Anna and I would like to tell you a story about a little girl and her family.

It all began, June 15, 2005, when the Mcglots moved into Raleigh, North Carolina.

They seemed the typical family, a Mom, a Dad and a child. But let me tell you a little more about them, things the neighbors didn't know. First of all Mr. Mcglots didn't have a normal job, he had to get there at 7:00, now maybe that’s normal but what if he had to get there on time when it's about five billion one hundred sixty miles away? Does that seem normal to you? I'll tell you how he does it. He has a super fast 7 foot 2 inches tall and 6 foot 4 inches long Super Duper Coovilistic 4001 type ship that is green with yellow polka dots that can turn invisible. But enough about the ship and more about the job! And what his job is, is really crazy!!!!!! And it's in SPACE!!!!!!!! I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that this story is going to be about some weird aliens who crash landed on Earth, but that is not even close. They are not aliens, they are humans, they are a little different, I know. But they are definitely human! Okay NOW I'll finally tell you what on earth or should I say what in Space his job is! His job is... cleaning ships at the space center gas station!! I know it's not a very good job but at least he gets a pretty good pay, 10 dollars an hour. Oh well, now I'll tell you what Mrs. Mcglots does!! She's a cook! No, no, no she doesn't cook stuff like cakes and souffl├ęs, she makes things like Marcoons on a Moko - space food. I see you’re getting suspicious about all this space stuff and you're probably wondering about that Space Center right?

So I'll tell you a little more about it. The Space Center is obviously where Mr. Mcglots works. I've already told you that, but that's not all. You see, it's a Space Center. Wait, let me clarify that it's the only Space Center in space!! Now you probably want to know why it's there, right? It's there so that the astronauts can study space more easily. So that's why Mr. Mcglots has to go there every day; not so that he can do research, but so that the astronauts can have clean rides home.

Now let me tell you about their daughter, Diana Anna was not at all the typical kid, she was a very weird kid. She was a little tall for her age, she was almost twelve years old and almost five feet and seven inches. She was not super skinny but a very nice size and her pretty wavy hair was very, very red, not the orange hair that people call red for a reason of which I’m not quite certain, but real red hair. She also had beautiful big green eyes. Yes, all of these things are pretty normal but wait till you hear the rest. For one thing she has a rather peculiar talent, well standing on one foot with her eyes shut, blowing huge bubbles with orange bubble gum with up to five hats placed on her head she can skip rope to two hundred and three! She has a pet monkey and two frogs, the monkey's name is Fred, and the frogs names are Mango and G. The G doesn't stands for anything, it's just G. Her favorite color is red and purple, so naturally everything in her room is purple and red, including her walls, bed, shelves, chairs, desk, dresser and some knickknacks here and there. She loves to eat stuffing. She eats it all the time! She usually wears long jean skirts and green t-shirts (I don’t know why she prefers to wear green tops, she just does!). She collects teddy bears, she has about sixty by now, and her favorite one is a big huge white and blue one that she often falls asleep on. You will find out more about the Mcglots, if you keep reading this story.

To be continued.....