Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Random facts!....about *my* life

Getting up at 6 am everyday is anything but enjoyable, but going to Mass at 7 am everyday makes it worth it.

Homeschool groups/co-ops are a whole bunch of amazing! And you meet a lot of really awesome people there, especially when you go to two different ones every week!

You really need some new earrings.

2 1/2 year old little, cute, red-headed girls named Elsa are absolutely wonderful. You could never get along without your one.

Funny, sweet, crazy little girls named Emma are a lot of fun and absolutely amazing, and you sure love the one you have.

Getting accepted as a Pure Fashion Model is really exciting, and the monthly "sessions" are a lot of fun, especially when you get the (very pleasant!) surprise of realizing that someone you know from one of the homeschool groups is there!

Piano lessons are a lotta fun, even if they takes work and patience.

You have the most amazing parents, who do everything in the world they can - just for you.

You never seem to be able to keep your room clean or your laundry up to date. >.< style="font-style: italic;">ever. Seriously.

If people want to make you happy, they should know that all they have to do is take you shopping. Seriously.

You are unbelievably lucky, because you have some of the most wise, wonderful, fun older siblings everrrr.

You never have enough time to do all the things you want to do.

You need an iPod/MP3 player.

You have an awesome family.

After getting up so early in the morning, you start going to bed a lot earlier at night! And now that it is....9:58 pm, you are about to fall over with sleepiness. *yaaawn* :P

G'night! God bless.


Lucia said...

That's cool and funny, and sweet at the same time.

Noah said...

hey! you forgot you're Awesome cool Brother! lol
good post

David Cohen said...

this was really cute!!! Post More